Our Vagabonding year…and why I’m doing it

Update: Our vagabonding year has been indefinitely postponed. Family stuff. 😦 I console myself by reading travel blogs and travelling vicariously.

Being good at something is no justification for making it your career

There’s this obsession these days about making good CAREER choices.

The preoccupation with the term ‘career’ might have originated in the idea that if we enjoy our work, we will be successful. So, finding the right career is finding a match between you natural abilities and hobbies, and the demand for these qualities in the job market.

Besides, those employees who do what they enjoy are more respected in society. Consider the job of a telephone operator and that of an advertising executive.

Accept your quirks, elevate your weird!

Read this post for some interesting ideas on procrastination, one of my personal quirks. (or is it simply a failing?)

A new way to think about creativity

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click here to watch the TEDx talk that inspired this post, by Elizabeth Gilbert, who muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses — and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius.

And head over here to read Paul Graham’s insightful musings on Maker’s schedules v/s Manager’s schedules, which analyses why creatives find meetings to be a waste of an entire day, not just of the stipulated hour or so.

If you have any qualms about whether you really are an artist, I strongly recommend Rainer Rilke’s Letters to Young Poet, which has all the questions and some answers about what it means to be a writer, a painter, a musician…, and also a person. The full text of the letters is available here.

“Follow my dreams? I don’t dream…” Suggestions on how to identify your dream!


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What’s common between a small-town resident, a child, and an artist? All three have dreams. Dreams of sending his kids to college, dreams of becoming a fireman, dreams of producing perfection.

What really is a dream?

You might think that everyone has dreams. Yet if you consider the dictionary meaning of the word, especially the fourth item in the list, how many of us can boast of a ‘real’ dream? Here’s the definition, from the Random House Unabridged Dictionary:

  • a series of images or thoughts passing through the mind during sleep
  • a daydream
  • a goal
  • something of unreal beauty

Unreal beauty. Something liberating. Something that captures the essence of the immortal soul. How does the modern preoccupation with amassing wealth connect with any of the four descriptions?

Read the rest of this article, which I wrote for MensXP.com, here.

Why do we think that the best things in life are ‘too good to be true’?

dreams and wishes. 62/365

(Photo credit: nicole.pierce.photography ♥)

Optimists are a dying breed today. Everyone and his mother is a pessimist. The opposite of pessimism is no longer optimism, it’s idealism.

Idealists are taunted and dismissed as childish because they seem to live with their heads in the clouds. Because they are too busy thinking of victory to give cognizance to the roadblocks and hurdles in their path, even though these are staring them in the face.

Wikipedia describes idealists as follows:

Idealists are understood to represent the world as it might or should be, unlike pragmatics, who focus on the world as it presently is.

Many of my closest friends tell me I come from another planet. I think they say this because my  plans are so big that they seem impossible. I seem to have a penchant for assuming I can do things that normally would seem unachievable.

But have you ever faced seemingly insurmountable odds and found a way to beat them? Yes you have. More

Why most people never follow their dreams

This is not my own work. Content and graphics snitched from The 6 Enemies of Greatness by Jessica Hagy.


We often settle for what’s available, and what’s available isn’t always great. “Because it was there,” is an okay reason to climb a mountain, but not a very good reason to take a job… More


Adopting the abundance mentality at the workplace

A large apple pie, radius 46 inches Nederlands...

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The magic about abundance is that it doesn’t simply stop at the personal level: you can leverage it to work to your benefit either as an employee or as a business-owner. More

Manifesting abundance…

An Abundance of Berries Road to Robridding

What would make me really happy?


Not having to wake up early in the mornings

Lazy breakfasts

A greater sense of control over things like how the house is organised (even though I try hard to convince myself that not being in charge is less of a hassle and leaves me more free time)

An afternoon siesta

Casual dressing

Good wholesome meals for less

Time to curl up with a good book sometimes


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