Peeling back layers

Hey! The name’s Michelle D’souza. I’m a tomboy in fancy-dress. In June 2012, I gave up making a good living as a teacher at an international school, to make a good life!

I might look like the stern teacher I used to be, but in reality I care very little about anything that doesn’t matter in my large scheme of things. If I don’t grin when I see you, that’s probably because I’m concentrating on how well the parallel universe in my head is functioning. I sometimes like to do things differently just to rock the boat…to stir things up a bit…

Other admissions: I think the status quo is retarded. I frequently have problems with authority. I pray I never make the mistake of returning to cubicle nation.

There’s a little more about me here.  In addition to the list below, this is what inspires me:

I love silence
I love long drives
I love anonymity
I love old music
I love mushy romantic movies
I love blue, and green
I love empty beaches
I love snow-capped mountains
I love standing and staring
I love hiking
I love whiling away time with friends in a coffee shop
I love spicy kebabs
I love beer and pomfret reichad
I love crisply fried Bombayduck
I love a good massage
I love getting waxed and pedicured
I love losing myself in a book
I love spending time with people like me/people I gel with
I love cinnamon
I love hazelnuts
I love crushed black pepper
I love caramel custard
I love travelling
I love walking in the rain
I love lightning and thunder
I love babies
I LOVE weddings
I love long-distance train journeys, especially at night
I love wild greenery
I love good bargains
I love clothing and shoe sales
I love down-to-earth people
I love luxurious hotels
I love swimming
I love unhealthy English breakfasts
I love sorpotel
I love Archer’s Peach Schnapps
I love Malibu Cocunut Rum
I love Bailey’s Irish Cream (especially the hazelnut flavoured one)
I love Ferero Rocher
I love good biryani
I love fried masala brain
I love lazing
I love endurance challenges
I love light, creamy cold coffee
I love that certain something in the air at St. Xavier’s College
I love Spain/the south of France
I love picnics
I love living like a gypsy in the open
I love pork vindaloo
I love anything butterscotch
I love vagabonding
I love inspiring people
I love being different
I love lazy Saturdays
I love swim brunches
I love my Blackberry
I love being driven around the city at night, with my feet on the dashboard
I love Monday /weekday mornings when I’m off work
I love having the house to myself
I love yoga and pilates and jogging

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  1. dillydallygirl
    Mar 10, 2013 @ 16:54:18

    Hey there,

    I’ve nominated your for a Liebster Award; a fun way for bloggers to help each other out by promoting each other! Check it out! 🙂


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