Adopting the abundance mentality at the workplace

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The magic about abundance is that it doesn’t simply stop at the personal level: you can leverage it to work to your benefit either as an employee or as a business-owner. More


What would make me really happy?


Not having to wake up early in the mornings

Lazy breakfasts

A greater sense of control over things like how the house is organised (even though I try hard to convince myself that not being in charge is less of a hassle and leaves me more free time)

An afternoon siesta

Casual dressing

Good wholesome meals for less

Time to curl up with a good book sometimes


What we can learn from the Veronica who wiped Jesus’ face

The Biblical Veronica must have been tempted to:
1. Wail and lament at the sight of death, as the Women of Jerusalem were doing.
2. Stay where she was and rail against the unfairness of it all
3. Adopt a my-hands-are-tied and that is his fate attitude.
4. Attempt to fight against the injustice by either convincing the soldiers that Jesus was the son of God, or by placing herself squaring in front of Jesus to protect him from the whip lashes

But instead she chose to step into the Lord’s shoes and understand what would give him momentary respite by wiping his face with her own sweaty apron. More

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