Adopting the abundance mentality at the workplace

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The magic about abundance is that it doesn’t simply stop at the personal level: you can leverage it to work to your benefit either as an employee or as a business-owner. More


On identifying your dream job

Need more information on identifiying your passion? Check out these resources:

Post on Let Passion Be The Sauce Of Your Epic Adventure by Alden Tan

Video on How do I find find out what my dream job is? by Benjamin Oliver Jenks of Adventure Sauce

Post on And, Who are you? by Nilofer Merchant

And a counter-view: Steve Jobs’ complicated views on passion by Study Hacks

Freedom is the Option to live in ways I find fulfilling

The more we get paid at work, the more tied our hands are. The bigger the post, the greater the number of meaningless tasks we must perform, like checking on the ‘lower orders’, organising meetings, setting rules and boundaries. It’s almost like one has to be on the shop floor to really impact customers and stakeholders or to take pleasure in CREATING something, whether it’s part of a product or a service.

So if you’re a doer instead of a manage-r, where do promotions and raises figure in the do-work-that-interests-you and the get-paid-what-you-deserve continuum? More

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