What would make me really happy?


Not having to wake up early in the mornings

Lazy breakfasts

A greater sense of control over things like how the house is organised (even though I try hard to convince myself that not being in charge is less of a hassle and leaves me more free time)

An afternoon siesta

Casual dressing

Good wholesome meals for less

Time to curl up with a good book sometimes

Free time and leisure to write

An easy job that gives me time and space to do my own thing, even if it pays me peanuts

Time to stand and stare, because this inspires me to write

Grassy slopes to relax on

A sense of purpose and direction, aka knowing what I’m doing with my life, and making conscious choices

Being myself and not having to pretend that I’m something I’m not

Making a real difference in someone’s life

Doing worthwhile work that needs my undivided attention

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