On Leaders and the Led…

The more understanding someone has, the less he speaks and the more he does.

Who ruled the ancient world, the warriors or the scholars? Who rules the world today, the politicians or the philosophers? Who runs corporations, the managers or the subject-matter experts?

If an employee is the most competent at his job, would the organisation reward him with a promotion or with incentives to work harder? Why is it that the middle management rarely understands the concerns of those under them?

Because often it’s the ones who are unskilled on the job floor who look for alternative skills to hone. And they realise that companies don’t reward the most skillful workers best, but those that can MANAGE the most skillful workers and motivate them to work harder. There’s a reason why experts are referred to as mad scientists. After all, if they were so competent, what would the managers do? So the best worker is treated like a child, who is incapable of doing anything more than concentrating on his work. Don’t disturb him with insignificant things like publicity and press conferences. That’s more than he can handle. His manager will so the dirty work for him.

There’s another aspect to this. Corporations need employees to fit into their machinery so that all the wheels turn smoothly. I’ve written about cookie cutter jobs in another post. If employees think for themselves, they’d realise that they’d be better off by themselves, and self employed. So most corporations encourage a focus on detail. You don’t need to know the forest, just keep the trees in your sights. So what if you mistake the trees for the forest?

Then again, it’s as much the intelligensia’s fault as the top management’s. Why blind yourself to reality? Why accept everything at face value? And why let the scum rule just because they’re smart enough to see the larger picture? It’s time to beat them at their own game. It’s time to understand what’s being kept from you. You deserve to get a share of the limelight. And you will. If only you open your eyes and become an innovator instead of a mad scientist.

An innovator understands the market, not just the product. An innovator liaises with clients. An innovator thinks for himself. and an innovator writes the job description for his dream job himself.

The innovators of today hew their own paths through the rocky mountain face, and corporations fall over themselves to follow…

And these innovators redefine the meaning of the old saying, that the more understanding someone has, the less he speaks and the more he does…

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