Why we should try to fail ever so often! ;)

Joshua Foer calls it stepping outside your comfort zone and watching yourself failing

It’s not failing, per se. Only a sadist would invest time and effort in a venture he is determined not to succeed in. It’s the philosophy behind failing: that failing is not as bad as it sounds, that life need not be a series of successes but a series of experiments, of risks, of new ventures! It’s okay to try something that sounds interesting. It’s alright to invest yourself in a project that brings personal satisfaction, if not always profit. It might also be a way to free ourselves from boring routine! If nothing else, we’re freed from the need to prove to ourselves and others how intelligent and hardworking we are!

You have the permission to live! Life is nothing but a game of catch–hectic at times, but both the chase and the switching roles from catcher to runner is AS much fun! Don’t let people and things convince you that you should be doing what everyone else is. Rock the boat a little! Shake things up! Even if you fail, you can always come back to doing what you’re doing currently!

Why subscribe to society’s perfectionism philosophy? (mocks old-time teacher/parent) “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Why? Why can’t we do things that we suck at if they make us happy?

Benjamin Jenks of Adventure Sauce wrote 2 amazing posts on life adventures.  Read here  ‘What Is Your Adventure Of A Lifetime?’ and ‘The Simplest Way To Make Your Adventure Happen‘.

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