Going after your own goals is not selfishness, even if other people are inconvenienced along the way

The Virtue of Selfishness

a novel by my favourite author… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s just saying that you are not the reason the other person/s is alive. It’s trusting that God loves the other person enough to take care of them even though you’re not there.

Do you dream of:

  • Giving up your job and doing something worthwhile with your life?
  • Travelling around the world, either for a few months every year, or for an extended period?
  • Dropping out of the rat race and buying a house high up in the mountains, where you raise chickens and grow potatoes for a living?
  • Starting your own company, which will make use of new innovation to revolutionize the way business is conducted?
  • Filing for divorce, so that you can put the past behind you and spend what is left of your life in the pursuit of real happiness?

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