Calling envy…

Because someone once said that if you’re struggling to decide what you most want to do or be, your envy will point the way.

I think envy is the advantage women have over men. (Women, read this sentence as: envy is what makes us smarter, quicker, better than the average man.)

Back up one step: imagine that your co-worker just told you that s/he just bought a dream house, is engaged to a perfect-sounding partner, or is leaving for on vacation to an enviable destination. What’s the standard male response? To clap the person on the back, congratulate him/her, talk about how awesome the said co-worker’s life is soon to become, and then to forget all about it, like the good natured creatures that they are. Women, on the other hand, will smile and mouth platitudes, all the while wishing it was them, and cursing the fates for having picked someone else instead of them. Check what they’re doing at their desks five minutes later: ten to one they are scouring google to find ways to do whatever Co-worker X did, but better, faster, and at a lower cost.

So is envy just one of the cardinal sins, or could it be a motivator that helps you decide and direct your life? This really depends on you. Let me tell you why.

1. It is generally the truth that makes one really angry.

2. Our own shortcomings, and opportunities, are what we recognise most in others.


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