My year 2011, or OMGoodness, I did all that? (broad wink)

I know of people who publicise themselves by writing/talking about all the awards they won. Well. If that makes them happy. Awards are external validations of one’s awesomeness. Now, if there was some way that I surpassed myself, that would be something to be proud of. I don’t know whether I have anything to write about in this regard, but, for what it’s worth, here’s my list:

1. Put together a sum I wouldn’t have thought possible, mainly from my own and Nelson’s salary.

2. Learned to speak a new vocabulary at school, and learned to teach in a non-didactic way.

3. Stopped tutoring and learned to enjoy myself more. Yoga, weightloss, etc.

4. Learned to drive!

5. Learned to download movies, and watched several amazing ones.

6. Accepted myself for what I am, in most respects. The blog helped.

7. Looked relatively slim at Astrid’s wedding. This may be because I found a decent dress.

8. Made use of Twitter, LinkedIn, and other websites to update my knowledge; also learned much about the web.

9. Passed my MBA! Many thanks for PIS, without which I wouldn’t have had the time or energy!

10. Went to Kashmir on a shoestring budget!

11. Bought two cars! Didn’t take a loan for either, paid cash outright!

12. Fell in love with Nelson all over again!

13. Subscribed to blogs that either lighten my day or give me perspective on different topics.

14. Learned to give back, and began doing so!

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